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Looking for room to
grow and space to succeed.

On digital terms.

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This is me

I'm a B2B content marketing manager and SEO writer with 7 years of experience creating, analyzing, and implementing content strategies for organic and paid search, landing pages, on-page, and off-page optimization.


Content assets include blog articles, white papers, brochures, infographics, PPC and display ad content, social media posts, emails, e-newsletters, capabilities sheets, video ads, video thumbnails, and sales proposals.

As a kid, I was either listening to Prince music, or I was churning out articles for the Custer Chronicle, my school newspaper. That's me below, holding a certificate. We took second place, statewide, for our coverage of a teacher strike at the capitol state building in Madison, WI.  

General skills

Content Strategy  SEO Writing 
Website Optimization & Analytics 

 Branding   Social Media

Events Content    Graphic Design  Creative Initiatives Digital Strategy

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I advise small business CEOs on creative initiatives and campaigns that magnetize their brand story.

As a Certified Digital Marketing Professional, I work on both sides of the pen. I have crafted compliance-focused proposals to win contracts with key government and commercial decision-makers. I have sold services and software platforms to their top clients and competitors. 

I understand the value of a fiercely original brand voice and personality. I am adept at storytelling that posits mood and meaning into content about technical features and benefits.

I am boosted beyond the impossible when I help new clients implement edge-defining marketing campaigns, powered by structured, artful, B2B writing. 

My Core Values

Clients &


Written Content | Ad and Page Layout Design | Web Landing Page Q&A | Content Maintenance  

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